1. Storyteller
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STORYTELLER by Tracy Morrison 2017
There was a time I went for a ride
In the hills of Colorado
My trail did wind through forest and rind
To a secret gypsy’s grotto
I went there to see a lady who reads
Palms and cards of tarot
Her eyes dark as night, but she had the sight
To pierce through dreams and shadow

Give me your hand, I’ll read you a prose
Of life left to live, your time left to roam

With her hand in mine, she read me the lines
And told me a dreadful story
Her warning was clear, the time was near
Of death and pain and struggle
I asked her for more, and she pulled from her drawer
A deck of major arcana
She said to me, I’ll give you three
The Fool, The Strength and Magician

Give me your hand, I’ll sing you a song
A sad melody, it won’t take too long

The time stood still, a battle of will
Between me, my needs and desires
As I rode away, I heard her say
Be weary of your fires
Over the years, I‘ve learned not to fear
The path that lies before me
But I don’t regret, and I’ll never forget
Her vision of my story

Give me your hand, I’ll write you a book
Uncover your eyes, and have a good look